He’s already made his billions.

“He’s 70 years old already made his billions, now he wants to give back to the American people.”

This is something I’ve heard said and seen commented online in defense of Donald Trump’s massive wealth and personal network. The assumption here is that Donald Trump had a cutoff, he reached that cutoff, and now he’s decided to give back.

I’d like to hope the people who hold this assumption have not stopped to think about how he achieved that wealth. That they have not yet considered the possibility that the mindset that got him there doesn’t magically stop once a certain limit is reached. At least then it would be understandable why they vehemently follow this line of thinking.

Other wealthy Americans such as Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates have donated huge portions of their worth toward charitable causes, research, and world changing projects. Yet even if they were to run for president, I would think (at least in passing)- if they’re doing so much good outside of politics, why make a bid for the Oval Office?

Donald Trump has done little in the way of directing his money towards anything but himself. He did not become a billionaire by chance, or as a side product of building something that caught on (Facebook, Windows, etc). He became a billionaire through making every decision with the interest of growing his empire.






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