Side Project: Mapping baseball teams ( Pt. 2 )

Today I released version 2 of The Baseball Map. I spent many hours of the past weekend rebuilding much of the site (a simple as it was) from the ground up. Building upon much of the feedback I received from my first endeavor on reddit, I fleshed a more useful interface. The map now provides a quick peek at the wikipedia entry for each stadium, a satellite view of the stadium, and users can now even view a sort of web visualization of where the minor league affiliates are located for each major league team. Last night I put the final touches on the site and pushed it live. It’s not perfect, but it ended up looking and working really well. After miraculously receiving a Product Hunt invite yesterday afternoon, I posted my project to the site and am currently in the ‘upcoming’ list with 5 upvotes, only 2 of which aren’t from myself or my friends. I’m pessimistic about getting featured on Product Hunt, but Reddit and Twitter have been easier allies.

As the first side project I’ve worked on in too long, I’m happy to have gotten something built. I’m excited to have been able to get valuable feedback from users and use it build something that they have told me they really enjoy. Even if just one person told me that, the last couple weeks of work would be worth it.

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