Make Slack Smaller

Slack is awesome. It’s visually pleasing & my not-technically-savvy friends have no trouble using it. It’s nice (or not nice?) to have one app that would handle personal messages and work conversations.

But I’ve been working strictly on my 15” Macbook Pro, without additional screen real estate, and it’s clear that Slack takes up much more screen area than it needs to do it’s job.

I’ve blurred out the messages/channels for privacy, but I don’t see any reason why the sidebar should be non-collapsible. Certainly, a lot of enterprise clients have enough screen space (2+ monitors) to not have a worry about thus, but at this point, with so many users and success, Slack should have the bandwidth to make their applications responsive.

If I want my Slack window to be non-intrusive, I should be able to shrink it and see something like this:

With the introduction of iOS apps running on Apple Silicon, at the least we’ll be able to run the Slack iOS app, which is very close to what I’ve sketched out.

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