Concept: Track & Explore Domain Names

Kingdom is a concept for an iOS app that helps you keep track of domain names + online properties you own, and scout out ones you might like to buy.


There is no shortage of domain registrars, and often domain owners will have different domains managed through different registrars. Even more frustrating is the different interfaces each registrar has for searching available domains. They can be slow, clunky, and even unreliable. My personal favorite alternative is instantdomainsearch, but I’ve found their mobile app lacking.


Kingdom would be a single app for domain owners to track domains they own, across multiple registrars, as well as quickly explore ideas for domains they are interested in.

At the highest level of organization, users track their online properties. For example: apps, websites, software, social channels, etc.

Domain names that a user marks as owned in the app will be listed under one of their properties.

It’s nice to have a list in one place, but it’s also important for grouping together multiple domains that might belong to the same property (ie: a .com and a .net)

“I wonder if that domain is available?”

Here’s where you’d go to find out. No clicking through multiple filtering options to see more than just 10 domain extensions.

The results are fast, and perhaps the app would learn to prioritize your favorite extensions in the results.

Found a domain you like?

Bookmark it and it’ll be listed as a prospect.