Secret Codes: Communicate Secretly with Ciphers

As a young kid, the first job I wanted when I grew up, was to be a spy. One of my favorite books to read was the Dorling Kindersley Spy book. Pictures and descriptions of cool gadgets and spy strategies fascinated me. One section I vividly remember was the page on secret messages, which introduced several strategies for communicating in secret: ciphers, codes, invisible ink, etc.

Secret Codes is an app I wrote that embodies that fascination. It lets anyone not only learn about these secret communications, but actually use them in a non-trivial manner.

Own your secret.

Many of the codes I’ve added are customizable, so you can create a truly unique secret.

Get your message out…

& Have Fun!

You can send important secrets, but you can also enjoy the outrageousness of translating your message using a secret code (more specifically, a book cipher) based on the Declaration of Independence.

Nicholas Cage would be proud.

SEE How encryption really works…

We hear about encryption a lot, but most people don’t really know what that means. They might understand it makes data secure, harder to hack, or more private, but they couldn’t explain it beyond an abstract concept, because computers, to most people, are very abstract. On the other hand, most would easily understand a cipher wheel, or the morse code, because those are tangible. You hear the beeps, or see a physical cipher wheel. I think Secret Codes is a great introduction to encryption, by allowing the ease of using a mobile device, but conveying the inner workings in a concrete manner.